Banner: Association of Professional Developmental Disabilities Administrators (APDDA)
Banner: Association of Professional Developmental Disabilities Administrators (APDDA)


Logo: AmerigroupAmerigroup, and Anthem Company, has been helping Texas families get the health-care benefits they need since 1996. With our experience and over 800,000 members in Texas, we know health insurance is about more than just doctor visits.

Logo: Benchmark Human ServicesBenchmark Human Services uses innovative and effective solutions to assist children and adults with disabilities to reach their maximum potential. Combining best practices with mission-driven services, out mission is to help children and adults with disabilities and persons with mental illness live as independently as possible and be included in the community.

Logo: H & W Independent SolutionsH&W offers an array of Supports and Services that target the systems necessary to support quality services for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities AND the staff skills necessary to implement successful systems and supports. H&W consulting and training solutions are customized to the needs of the individual agency. No two situations are alike. Using proven methodologies and curricula as our base, we tailor the solution to the specific problem, staff skill level, agency operating plan and organizational culture to provide the maximum effectiveness.

Logo: MyHIPPA GuideMyHIPAA Guide helps HIPAA-covered organizations understand what they need to do on a daily basis. Subscribers gain access to a comprehensive, human-centered HIPAA program. Our templates, forms and other materials are the most user friendly you can find on the market. Plus, we can work with you personally to help you turn privacy protections into good business and elevated integrity within your organization. And at the end of the day, it's all about upholding the trust of those who entrust their care your care. Our success is when people feel great about protecting privacy -- because it's the right thing to do.

Blue Octopus (program printing)
Cherry Hill Books and Media (educational training materials)
Columbus Organization (consulting/training)
CSRI (provider of developmental disability services)
Health Risk Screening Tool - HRST (web-based health risk screening tool)
Labor Relations Alternatives (strategies for a safe and caring environment)
Liberty Healthcare (consulting/training)
National Association of QDDPs (professional organization)
Neuro International (neurobehavioral supported living and assisted living programs)
Scioto (housing for people with disabilities)
Whisperglide (swings for all ability levels)

The Association of Professional Developmental Disabilities Administrators is a not-for-profit professional organization founded in 1970 in the State of Washington.


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