Banner: Association of Professional Developmental Disabilities Administrators (APDDA)
Banner: Association of Professional Developmental Disabilities Administrators (APDDA)

APDDA Membership Benefits

APDDA provides a number of activities and benefits to its members, including an annual meeting, a directory of Private agencies and Public facilities, an awards program, a continuing education program, a job referral service, and publications.

Annual Meeting
APDDA sponsors an annual mid-winter conference that is usually held in February.

APDDA maintains a directory of the ICF-IID Programs, Administrators, and State Directors of these programs in a database that is accessible to all full members through the APDDA website.

A listing of the APDDA Officers and Directors is also available on the website.

APDDA maintains a listing of the private provider organizations that operate ICF-IID programs

Job Referral Service
APDDA maintains a job referral program for persons interested in an administrative or other related position in the ID/DD field

Members and member organizations wishing to list an available position should provide the following information: Job title, location, responsibilities, desired qualifications, salary, any miscellaneous information associated with the position, closure date, and appropriate contact person.

Members and Member agencies that wish to post available positions should contact the appropriate Regional Director for details.

APDDA encourages its members and other persons in various management settings or universities to contribute articles to The Digest.

The Digest is intended to provide brief items of interest and value to the membership. Each issue of this semi-annual publication contains short informational updates and several articles.

Longer research or review of literature papers will also be considered for publication.

Membership Application Form

Full Membership is open to currently employed and retired administrators of public and private provider organizations that operate residential ICF-IID programs; and to Administrators who function within state government agencies that oversee the provision of ICF-IID services.

All full members shall have the following benefits of membership: voting rights; eligibility for nomination and service on the board of directors; access to review and comment on proposed regulatory changes; full access to the APDDA website: access to all member lists; a copy of the Digest; discounted registration at the annual conference; rights to post questions to the membership; and posting of two (2) recruiting announcements.

Full members shall be responsible to pay annual member dues at the annual rate set by the executive board.

APDDA offers a discount on the full membership rate to promote membership among agencies with administrators working at multiple sites, and organizations that wish to have multiple administrators as members. The discount structure is listed in the table below.

Number of Affiliated Members

(per member)

1 0%
2 to 4 10%
5 to 10 20%
11 to 20 30%
21 & above 40%

Associate Membership is open to any manager or licensed professional working in the ID/DD field, and to students or others with an interest in the ID/DD field.

Associate members will be eligible for all of the benefits of membership except voting and board election/service.

Associate member dues shall be set at fifty percent (50%) of the full membership rate.

Life Membership shall be awarded to all retired full members who achieve the following: 20 years of service as an administrator in the ID/DD field; 20 years as a full member of APDDA; and have been elected (and served) as the APDDA president.

Life membership shall include all privileges and responsibilities afforded to full members.

Life members will not be required to pay annual dues upon retirement from their administrative position in ID/DD.

Questions concerning membership should be directed to the APDDA Administrative Officer.

The Association of Professional Developmental Disabilities Administrators is a not-for-profit professional organization founded in 1970 in the State of Washington.

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