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2017 APDDA Conference
Transitioning: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Session Power Point Presentations

Monday April 10th, 2017

The Future of Health and Human Services in Texas - (no attachment)
Charles Smith, Texas Health and Human Services Executive Commissioner

Transition in Texas
Scott Schalchlin, JD, Texas Assistant Commissioner for State Supported Living Centers

ID/DD State Directors´ Panel
Tennessee - CJ McMorran
Georgia - Dan Howell

Universal Design - (no attachment)
Scott Zdroik and Kate McNulty, Scioto

Developing Resources in the Community: Use of an Integrated Support Team
Tammy Carrol, PhD, Benchmark

Systemic Considerations for Individualized Person Centered Transition
CJ McMorran

CMS Expectations & Focus of State Surveyors - (no attachment)
CMS Survey and Certification Group

Transitions for People with Significant Needs - (no attachment)
Bob Longo, Dungarven

Continuity of Care: Using Technology for Effective Care Transition
Tom Stucke and AJ Peterson, Netsmart Technologies

ACA Update
Than Johnson, CRSI, APDDA Board

Use of Remote Technology - (no attachment)
Tim Janssen, Sengistix

Meeting the Challenges to Promote Independence and Better Community Transitions
- (no attachment)
Ralph Henry, Director of San Antonio State Supported Living Center


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